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My name is Dennis. Better known as Savage Sounds. I am a Youtuber, sound designer, and music producer with a passion for (obviously) music. Since 2020, I've been sharing my FL studio tutorials and tracks with my global community of over 50,000 producers.

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What Is A Preset And How Do I Use It?

A "preset" is like a pre-made sound setting for your synthesizer. It saves all the settings needed to create a specific sound. Think of it as a kind of "sound recipe" that you can easily load instead of adjusting each setting manually. These presets are often saved in file formats like .fxp or .fxb for VST instruments, such as Xfer Serum, Sylenth1, Vital, Diva and more.

To use a preset for a synthesizer, you need music production software (DAW) like Ableton Live, FL Studio or Logic Pro X. Follow these steps: 

1: *Open DAW:* Start your music software.
2: *Load Synthesizer Plugin:* Add your synthesizer plugin (e.g., Xfer Serum) to your DAW. This is like the virtual instrument that makes sounds.
3: *Load Preset:* Inside the synthesizer plugin, there's an option to load presets. Choose the preset you created or bought.
4: *Adjustments (optional):* You can tweak the preset if you want to customize the sound.
5: *MIDI Controller (optional):* If you have a MIDI controller, you can use it to control the synthesizer in real-time.

With these basics, you're ready to use presets in your DAW and get creative!

What Is A Sample And How Do I Use It?

"Samples" are short snippets of sound or music that are used to create music digitally. One-shot samples are brief, isolated sounds, like a single drum hit, while melody samples are small segments of music or instruments. Musicians often use these samples to add specific sounds or elements to their own compositions, providing a creative palette of pre-recorded sounds to enhance their music. Their coming in .mp3 or .wav.

To use samples (one-shots and melody samples), you need music production software like Ableton Live or FL Studio.

Here's a simplified guide:
1: *Open Your Software (DAW):* Start your music software.
2: *Drag and Drop:* Simply drag and drop your one-shot samples (short sound snippets, like drum hits) or melody samples (small pieces of music or instruments) into your software's workspace.
3: *Arrange on Timeline:* Place the samples on the timeline to create your music. For one-shots, you might put them where you want specific sounds (e.g., drums). For melody samples, arrange them to form your tune.
4: *Adjust Timing (optional):* You can move and resize the samples on the timeline to get the timing and arrangement you want.
5: *Effects and Mixing (optional):* If you like, add effects to your samples or adjust the volume levels to mix your sounds.

What Is A Midi File And How Do I Use It?

"MIDI chords and melodies" are like digital musical instructions. MIDI chords are groups of notes played together to make a nice sound, while MIDI melodies are sequences of individual notes that create a musical tune. Think of it as a musical blueprint that helps you easily add harmonies or melodies to your music.

To use MIDI chords and melodies, follow these simple steps:

1: *Open Your Software (DAW):* Start your music software.
2: *Add a MIDI Track:* Create a new MIDI track in your software.
3: *Drag and Drop or Input MIDI Data:* You can either drag and drop MIDI chord or melody files into the MIDI track or input the MIDI data manually using your computer keyboard or a MIDI controller.
4: *Select Instruments:* Assign virtual instruments (like synthesizers or piano sounds) to your MIDI track to hear the chords and melodies.
5: *Arrange on Timeline:* Place the MIDI chords and melodies on the timeline to structure your music.
6: *Adjust Timing (optional):* Fine-tune the timing and duration of the MIDI notes if needed.
7: *Effects and Mixing (optional):* Add effects or adjust volume levels to enhance your music.

Now you're ready to use MIDI chords and melodies in your music projects!

What do I need to use the pack?

First of all you need a DAW (digital audio work station) such as fl studio, ableton, logic, reason or something like that. To use the MIDI melodies and the drums, all you need is one of these DAWS. In order to use the sylenth1 presets, you need the latest version of sylenth1. To be able to play the serum presets, you need the latest version of xfer serum.

What if I don't like the pack?

No worries. We have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Just write to us at and we will solve your problem.

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Kygo "Whatever" - Remake - FREE FLP

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