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Savage Sounds

LION 3.0 - Drum & FX Samples

LION 3.0 - Drum & FX Samples

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Create melodic masterpieces with our perfectly crafted drum & FX samples designed specifically for Progressive House producers.


Elevate your tracks with thumphy kicks, tight snares, and groovy percussion that will keep the energy flowing from start to finish.


Add depth and atmosphere with our meticulously curated FX samples, including risers, impacts, and sweeps that will take your listeners on a journey through sonic landscapes.

Whether you're crafting peak-time anthems or introspective grooves, our sample pack provides the perfect sonic toolkit to bring your vision to life.


Don't settle for average sounds – invest in quality and make your productions stand out from the crowd. Get your hands on our Progressive House drum & FX sample pack today and start creating tracks that move the masses!

- 40 Kicks

- 30 Claps

- 30 Snares

- 10 Snaps

- 40 Cymbals

- 20 Percs

- 270 Various FX

- 20 Guitars


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