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Savage Sounds

Melodic House Essentials - 100 Vital Presets

Melodic House Essentials - 100 Vital Presets

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Unlock boundless creativity with our collection of 200 meticulously crafted Serum presets. Elevate your music production to new heights with a diverse range of sounds, from lush pads to gritty basslines, ethereal leads to punchy plucks. Whether you're producing melodic or progressive house, these presets are designed to inspire and ignite your creative spark. Compatible with both Mac and PC, these presets are ready to be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your music to the next level. Purchase now and unleash your sonic potential!

- 40 Bass

- 30 Chords

- 10 Flutes

- 10 Keys

- 50 Leads

- 40 Plucks

- 20 Textures

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