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Savage Sounds

Ultimate Martin Garrix Midi Melody Pack

Ultimate Martin Garrix Midi Melody Pack

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Introducing the Ultimate Martin Garrix Midi Melody Pack – meticulously remade to perfection!

Unlock the secrets behind Martin Garrix's genius melodies with our Midi Melody Pack.

Dive deep into the intricacies, unraveling the layers of genius that make Garrix's music timeless. Elevate your craft by studying the essence of simplicity fused with brilliance.

Your journey to mastering the art of melody starts here – explore, learn, and create music that resonates with the spirit of Martin Garrix.


Included (remade) melodies:

- Forbidden Voices

- Poison

- Forever

- Now That I've Found You

- Lions In The Wild

- Oops

- In The Name Of Love


- Spotless

- Hold On & Believe

- Together

- Scared To Be Lonely

- Byte

- There For You

- High On Life

- No Sleep

- Pizza

- Burn Out

- Yottabyte

- Access

- These Are The Times

- Home

- Hold On

- Mistaken

- Drown


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