Martin Garrix - Real Love Remake - FLP

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Highly Accurate Remake with all the used samples and presets by Savage Sounds

In order to get the best possible result, the following vst plugins are required for this flp:

- Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic

- Session Guitarist Electric Vintage

-Xfer Serum Version 1.368 or higher

- Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass

- Sonuscore Strings Of Winter

- Noire Piano

- PanMan by SoundToys

- Kickstart by Nicky Romero

- Little Alterboy by SoundToys

- ValhallaRoom

- FilterFreak2 by SoundToys

- Crystallizer by SoundToys

*You can also open and play this flp without having these plugins. You can then replace these with the ones you have if necessary