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Sounds In The Style of Imanbek, Topic, Alok and more

310 Presets for Serum and Sylenth1 

Elevate your music with 310 high-quality presets for Xfer Serum and Sylenth1. Crafted in the style of Imanbek, Topic, Alok and more, these presets cover epic leads, pulsating basslines, unique chords and more.

These previews are just a glimpse of what awaits you. Hundreds of inspiring sounds that will turn your next track into a melodic masterpiece.

Bass - Aksu (Serum)

Bass - Evil (Serum)

Bass - Earthquake (Serum)

Bass - Love That (Sylenth1)

Bass - Slap (Sylenth1)

ENGINE 2.0 PRESETS MOCKUP.png__PID:3cc343a5-9739-48d4-b30f-e34886cdbf37
ENGINE 2.0 DRUMS MOCKUP.png__PID:8bf2b969-704d-4782-a194-59ab02d97808

838+ High Quality Drum & FX Sounds

Ignite your Tracks with 1000 top-tier drum and FX samples. Crafted for maximum impact and versatility, these samples elevate your sound. Perfect for both seasoned producers and aspiring artists.

Bass Shot 02

Bass Shot 21

Bass Shot 38

Bass Shot 24

Bass Shot 33

5 Project Files To Dive Deep Into The Mixing

Dive deep into the art of mixing and mastering with my project files. Explore the intricacies of mixing as you dissect each element.

Perfect for both novices and seasoned producers, these files offer an invaluable learning experience.

Elevate your skills and achieve professional-level mixes. Unleash your potential in the world of mixing with these comprehensive project files!

Lil Nas X - Industry Baby - Slap House Remix

I Hate U I Love U - Slap House Remix

5 PROJECT FILES MOCKUP.png__PID:9ffecc77-9a46-4a77-be57-5ca3c8397839

You Have Nothing To Lose With our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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You Have Nothing To Lose With our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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